What Makes Professional Windshield Crack Repair?

There are 264 million registered vehicles in the United States. Parking Lot Surveys have revealed that there are approximately 37 million long cracks and 79 million stone-breaks / chips. It is no wonder windshields are the number one Auto Insurance Claim in the United States. The market is HUGE. With Ultra Bond you can start a windshield repair business complete, including a website and internet marketing set-up for less than $2,000.

Now let’s talk safety. In today’s online market, there are several vendors selling do-it-yourself windshield crack repair kits at low prices without any federal or industry standard lab tests to ensure they are safe. Although they are flooded in the market as an option for people to attempt to avoid replacing the entire windshield, which theses days can cost well over the $500 insurance deductible, it can become an expensive and lengthy process to getting a windshield restored if it is not a professional repair.

Ultra Bond is the only windshield repair manufacturer that has passed the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 205) as a new windshield, the Auto Glass Industry’s Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard (ROLAGS), and had a 12 inch crack repair remain intact in a real world rollover crash. Proving in the lab and real world to be unbreakable and stronger than a new windshield.

Hi I’m Richard Campfield, President of Ultra Bond and inventor of windshield crack repair. I have over 20 patents since 1989 for windshield repair methods, tools and resin properties. To the left, I’ll give you a complete break down of what you will most commonly see in the field and the information you need to know to confidently diagnosis and successfully perform a repair. 90% of all windshield crack repair is about dealing with stress caused cracks from the edge area. Windshields these days are more about being a safety shield, airbag backboard and roof support during a rollover. Manufacturing and applied windshield stresses cause cracks and a variety of chips. I offer advanced training videos and one-on-one training to professionally handle any type of windshield repair job.

Professional Windshield Crack Repair Kits

Ultra Bond founded and invented the windshield crack repair business over 30 years ago, Richard Campfield, invented and owns several patents on the tools, repair process, and resins used to create the Stronger Than A New Windshield bond that is the only true windshield crack repair in the industry. These professional windshield crack repair kits below are different than any other kits on the market. Why? Because the tools inside each one of these professional line of kits were structured around the windshield stresses and adhesive resin properties; which are structural adhesives. No matter where you are as a windshield repair pro you can either expand your current business and earning potential or start a new business by upgrading to or starting with Ultra Bond. If you have started from the bottom and tried a competitor, any of these kits will solve all your problems and double your income. See our professional windshield repair training videos or contact Richard direct for one-on-one training!

Crack Master Professional Windshield Crack Repair Kit


This is the ultimate professional windshield crack repair kit. Made for the serious and experienced windshield repair technicians, you will have everything you need to make more advanced windshield breaks and chips. This kit gives you the combination of Ultra Bond’s long crack repair tool set, where you have a configuration of the Long Crack Master Complete and the Wonder Bar Crack Opener and they give you the most efficient repair on any edge crack also known as a long crack. This professional kit also gives you the Crack Opener, a Crack Master Bridge for more precision repairs and array of bolts to help you adapt your needs on the Crack Master Bridge.

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Standard Professional Windshield Crack Repair Kit


This is the step above the entry-level windshield repair kit for those new to the industry and new to repairing cracked windshields. If you are in the gorilla phase of launching your business and need to upgrade this is a wise choice moving forward. With this kit, you will be able to repair chips and long crack. In this kit the complete tool gives perfect compression and is the newest structure that Ultra Bond offers. If you are in a market where you are going to be busy with cracks, stone breaks and chips, then this is the kit you need.

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Starter Professional Windshield Crack Repair Kit


This is the baseline professional starter windshield crack repair kit. This kit will get you on the road to launching your professional windshield repair business. It comes with the more advanced Complete Crack Master Tool Kit and or Bridge. This offers you pure controllable compression in dealing with chips and long crack windshield repairs.

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Professional Windshield Repair: Types Of Windshield Damage

There are several different types of windshield damage that can result in: chips, stone crack, edge crack or aka long crack, bullseye, star-break, and combination cracks. Each type of repair at this level of windshield damage can only be truly repaired using the professional grade resins and tools to safely and securely fix a windshield to 100%. Let’s look at some of the more advanced cracks you will be facing.

Long Crack

Long Crack Repair are cracks that are over 6 inches and easily up to 14 inches or more. These and 90% of most windshields that need professional repair are a result of an edge crack. Windshields made from the manufacturer have a great amount of stress to them and when that bond is broken from stones long cracks usually result from the impact. There are special long crack repair resins that need to be used in order to make sure that bond is stronger than what it was from the manufacturer. The long crack repair kits we sell are professional as they have all the complete tools from the crack master tool series and feature our wonder bar, uv light and much more.

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Pit Crack Repair are the impact chip of breaks in the windshield that require a professional touch and professional tool set in order to repair. Pit in a windshield are deep and need to be filled with thick and industrial strength resin. Pits can be repaired with standard repair resins when tiny that can hold the bond during climate changes that take place from cold to hot and vice versa. Also there are several compression tools that involve o-rings in order to get this repair done correctly. Leave this for professionals and or a professional repair kit.

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Combination Chip

Combination Cracks, these are a bullseye very tiny star cracks. D-I-Y kits will not work with these type of repairs. What might seem like a chip to an untrained individual might not be so simple, more often, purchasing a simple or cheap windshield crack repair kit will leave you with no results; as the chip will still be a weak spot and still very visible within the windshield. Although combination cracks are common they are an advanced type of repair to completely restore; where can have a combination of drilling, tapping and using a combination of windshield repair resin to make the repair.

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Star-Break Crack

The Star-Break Crack is one type of windshield break that you will see quite often. Because of the legs that are on a star burst crack, drilling is sometimes required to gain acess to all the legs and this requires practice. Luckily Ultra Bond invented the tool called The Star Leg Flexor, that opens the cracks to help you repair this common windshield break

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Half Moon Chip

The half moon chip break is very common and similar to the bullseye break except it does not make a full circle. The full circle bullseye break does not occur as much anymore due to the thinner windshield glass, this was a chip break that occurred on vehicles that had really heavy windshields. This was back in the 60s and 70s. Now the partial bullseye is very common because it takes less force to fracture modern windshields.

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Bullseye Chip

The bullseye chip break was a common break that you will still run into with a windshield. However as mentioned with the half moon chip break, the bullseye chip is an older type of windshield break. Cars made from the 50s, 60s, and 70s had really heavy windshields and they would break differently. However, this is a break that you could still run into.

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Professional Windshield Edge Crack Repair: Before & After

What separates Ultra Bond from the many different options in the windshield crack repair industry is the professional grade of windshield crack repair resin and windshield crack repair tools that we manufacture. Made right here in the USA, Ultra Bond, developed the Stronger Than New Windshield formula and process that is enabling a vast array of customers we supply to expand their businesses with confidence.

90% Of All Cracks Are Edge Crack, Also Known As Long Crack
Meet In The Middle Professional Windshield Crack Repair Technique

After Professional Windshield Crack Repair, Stronger Than New Windshield

Meet In The Middle Technique For Long Crack Professional Windshield Repair

What you witnessed above, is a patented repair technique and tool invented by Richard Campfield, President and Founder of Ultra Bond. The Meet In The Middle Professional Windshield Crack Repair is the #1 method for repairing a long crack also known as the edge crack.

What this repair technique does is enables you to make an edge crack repair using the thickest resin possible in majority of the long crack. One of the biggest advantages of repairing with this technique is that you can inject the thickest long crack resin Ultra Bond offers and inject it efficiently.

Ultra Bond’s Wonder Bar has the ability for you to get the right tool setup to open up the long crack without spreading the crack or comprising the windshield PVB layer. Crack Master Tools enable an overfill of resin inside of the crack to make a repair that exceeds federal and industry standards. Click the link for more on this professional windshield repair technique.

Why Choose Ultra Bond?

You might be thinking well, why should I choose Ultra Bond as the organization to place your investment with? There are several reasons and in fact, we have built out an entire section you should read now, called, “Why You Should Choose Ultra Bond” ! However, here are a few points to consider about how we are truly a unique brand and can distinguish ourselves from the rest as a premium manufacturer of windshield repair technology with patents, lab tests and real-world performance to back-up our claims.

Top Reasons To Become An Ultra Bond Licensee
  • Lab Tested, We Passed ANSI & ASTM Flexural Strength Test
  • U.S.A Patent Crack Master Tools and Resins
  • Maximum Efficiency Cost Per Windshield Repair Job
  • Ultra Bond Structural Adhesives, Stronger Than New Glass
  • Leave Your Customer’s Vehicle With Confidence That The Breaks Are Perfectly Repaired

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