Professional Windshield Crack Repair

Professional windshield crack repair is more than just the resins and the tools; it’s about the process and the science.

Once you understand the science behind how a windshield is made, how the forces in nature work to hold the glass together, it will be very easy for you to spot why do-it-yourself kits sold at auto repair vendor stores and other imitators of Ultra Bond professional windshield crack repair process are not stronger than a new windshield, like Ultra Bond.

This alone separates Ultra Bond from the rest of the competition. You might be wondering why you should use us? Let’s start from the top and show you why we are really the only true professional windshield repair brand in the industry!

3 Most Common Windshield Chip Repair Jobs

Below are the three most type of cracks and chips you’ll face and training with Ultra Bond, you’ll confidently be able to diagnosis the cracks you’re facing and as well properly use our tool kits to make these repairs in 10 mins or less.

Bullseye Crack

The easiest repair that you’ll face and usually does not require drilling. In order to properly repair this crack you need to have the correct resin. You can repair this break by using 40-100 cps resin and see the resin fills in naturally.

Star-Break Crack

This is the most common type of repair because of visibility and also one of the more difficult windshield cracks to repair for do-it-yourself kits. In order to fix this you may need to drill and use our star flexor in our kits to fill any stubborn leg(s).

Combination Crack

This is also one of the most common chip repairs because of visibility. It is a bullseye break with star-break cracks in the center. In order to repair this type of break in the windshield you will need proper compression from a metal holding structure to repair the star’s legs.

Professional Windshield Crack Repair Tools

Above we covered some quick and common windshield crack repairs in the stone chip category that you will see often. Here are just some of the tools in our professional windshield crack repair kits that you will use to make those repairs. It is important to know what the tools are actually doing and below we will cover the science that will finally start to make sense to you as to why you will need Ultra Bond’s tools, resins, and our repair process to repair a windshield professionally to new windshield standards.

Star Flexor II

Star Flexor is one of the more common tools that you can use to fill the legs in a Star-Break Windshield Crack. This is one of two star flexor kits and uses the wonder bar to flex longer star-Break cracks.

Star Flexor I

This Crack Opener is a tool that you will use in stone and chips so that you can get the resins fluid into the tiny cracks within a break. This tool can also be used with the long crack wonderbar in order to inject the right amount of resin.

Long Crack Slider

This is the wonder bar tool that enables you to repair cracks in a windshield like an edge crack over a foot long. You will use the crack opener in the inside and slide along the crack on the outside to inject the resin uniformly.

Understanding The Science Is The Key

As mentioned above, what separates professional windshield crack repair from the rest is how well the technician understands the science and technology of windshields. From how it is constructed to the pressure specs of a factory windshield. Knowing the substrate will help you determine what type of crack your dealing with, what is the best tool and order of steps to actually repair the windshield. Let’s start from the top!

Extreme Cold Weather

Windshield Layers

Understanding Tension

How Cold Weather Affects Windshield Glass?

Cold weather causes any material in the real world to contract and the same applies to a windshield. The difference from a windshield and or wood in your home is the impact and safety concerns should one of the two surfaces be compromised or damaged. A windshield in the cold tends to bend or concave more than it normally would; and as a result, anything like a chip in the glass will cause it to crack in a horizontal pattern.

Depending what caused the damage and the type of crack or chip you will use different repair techniques in order to professionally repair the windshield. Many of the other kits on the market today do not have a the repair processes, tools or resins like Ultra Bond to repair a windshield crack. In most cases, other adhesives applied do not bond to new glass specifications and do not restore to factory psi to ensure a safe windshield to drive with.

Understanding Windshield Layering

Windshields are not just a solid piece of glass and for reasons of safety, science, practicability windshields are made in layers. In order to keep windshields practical for cars, laminated glass is used for safety and to create the toughness and flexibility to withstand stress and deal with the pressures from constant wind hitting the windshield at high speeds.

This is important to know because new glass strength from the factory is what needs to be set properly done in order to guarantee that you are actually repairing a windshield back to the proper specs.

Most of the windshield chips that you will see will be the combination and the star-break type crack. Those type of cracks or chips end up compromising the glass strength by 60%. To ensure these cracks are fixed you should have lab tests from the seller on the resins you use so you know you have restored structural integrity. If you do not, you should not be repairing the third most important safety device on a vehicle.

Many of the competitive kits tool do not enable you to open the windshield break with the compression needed to completely inject the break and overfill the windshield break or crack, which is a fundamental of any adhesive application.

Understanding Tension In Windshields

When a windshield is under load or aka tension it will bend and handle stress to a particular point and then after that point it will sudden loose tension and crack. The threshold for any windshield is approximately 9400 psi!

 The approximate 3,000 psi pvb bond to the glass stops edge cracks and stone-breaks from cracking out further which makes repair possible.

Without the PVB once a crack in the windshield starts, there’s nothing within the structure of the windshield glass to stop cracks from continuing or expanding when stress is applied.

The core of the windshield glass caused by the float glass manufacturing process is under tension because of the layering of the windshield caused by the cooling. The outer glass surfaces that starts to cool when it comes out of the oven causes the interior core to expands while the outer surface of the glass is compressing, causes a pulling of the glass in the center creating a tension zone.

The surface compression strength of the glass is the strength of the entire windshield from fracturing. Understanding how the layering of the glass works with the compression and tension layers within each layer of glass is key to understanding how cracks, chips and breaks in a windshield occur and how best to perform a repair.

This comes in handy when trying to diagnose a crack or chip for repair.

How To Repair Cracks In Windshields

So what does it take to repair a windshield professionally? It will start by being able to spot what crack or chip your dealing with and now that you understand how compression works in a windshield and how extreme cold air causes the windshield to flex, expand and contract. You will know why you need to use Ultra Bond’s patented windshield crack repair tools to add proper compression to cause the glass to flex allowing our windshield crack repair resins to fill the microscopic gaps and cracks and bond the break.

The first step as mentioned are knowing the types of chips and the resins you will need to apply for each type.

When applying resin to a break. You can start with our thinnest resins first (20 pcs) to fill the tips of the legs as far as possible on a star-break of stone break but use thicker resin when you gain experience. The star-break crack is a common windshield crack or chip repair. But before you can repair you need to determine if you need to drill first.

Drilling To Cracks and Stone Chips

Drilling is going to be your key to making a good crack repair. The better you can drill the better you will be as a technician.

So when do you drill? You will need to be able spot a bullseye first. What you are looking for is the black circle under the impact point of the break.

If there is not one, then you will need to drill to create one. That is why the bullseye cracks are the easiest cracks to repair because you do not have to drill and you can get the resin to flow easily.

However, in order to really tell whether you will drill to get the room to fit the windshield repair resin, you can perform a test. Take your bottle 20pcs and put one drop on the impact point, if you notice it seeping into the break, you do not need to drill!

The key here is not to get nervous about drilling, instead what you will be doing is drilling the 1 mm hole to open up and inject the resin into the impact point of your crack, chip, and or break.

Where To Go From Here? Training, Start Your Own Business

There is a lot more than just understanding the science of how windshields are constructed and understanding how tension and compression works. We have FREE TRAINING VIDEOS where you can watch me, Richard Campfield, cover more content about windshield cracks, how to use newer tools like the Star Flexor and the Wonder Bar, down to more advanced repairs like the long crack repair.

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