Start Professional Windshield Crack Repair Business

Starting your own professional windshield crack repair business with Ultra Bond is the best decision you can make. On this page we will show you why! Ultra Bond has been in business for over 35 years and was one of the first and still only true windshield crack repair brands in the industry. We are very different from other brands out there because of the our tools, our resin properties and repair methods.

Considering the type of work that is involved, it is important for safety and long-term durability of customer’s vehicles. There are several brands you can find online where you could buy a windshield crack repair kit or product, but none of them are federally and ROLAGS lab tested to restore to 100% new windshield strength. We also offer the best ROI per windshield crack repair job. Click the link to read and learn more on why you should choose Ultra Bond to start your professional windshield crack repair business!

Why Ultra Bond Is Different?

As mentioned in the video above, Ultra Bond’s professional windshield crack repair procedure uses structural adhesives in the cracks. We do not dump water thin resins in the cracks, we use structural adhesives and that is one reason why our claim is Stronger Than New Glass! When you go out to repair someone’s windshield you can leave the job proud and confident knowing that the bond is strong on your customer’s windshield. This is why Ultra Bond is the best option to start your Professional Windshield Crack Repair Business with!

Our Structural Adhesives Are Stronger Than New Windshield

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  • Ultra Bond Adhesives Give You Best ROI, $.8 cents Per Job
  • Ultra Bond Uses Structural Adhesives, Lifetime Bond
  • Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Process Patent Approved
  • Ultra Bond Provides Free Training Videos
  • Get Trained By Richard Campfield, Learn From The Best
  • We Follows ROLAG Standards, Giving You Best Education
  • Lab Tested, By ANSI & SAE Impact Penetration Tested

We will train anyone one-on-one who needs it, however, we recommend taking a look at our training videos on our YouTube channel, and or read our the professional windshield crack repair training section where we organize our training from amateur to become a professional windshield crack repair technician.

Ultra Bond’s professional windshield crack repair kits are setup in series and designed to get you started or expand your current business by purchasing upgrade kits. Here are some of the kits below to help you repair cracks, chips and stone breaks.

Launch Your Professional Windshield Crack Repair Business With Marketing!

If you are seriously considering starting your professional windshield repair business then this should help you make up your mind! Ultra Bond offers all of our customers full-stack development and full-stack internet marketing programs that is designed to help you establish brand awareness and convert online traffic into business leads. We are the only manufacturer in the industry that will offer you this level of support. We are confident that with our branding, our unique market position, and quality products you will be successful in getting to market quickly. Our internet marketing support program offers you a Free Website and No Cost Search Engine Optimization, click the link below to learn more!