Why Use Ultra Bond?

There are several reasons to use Ultra Bond over the rest, as we have listed from the patents, to the real world and lab tested proven repair process; we have the proof to back it up from the Supreme Court. Ultimately the proof is in the content, let’s take a look at each point in greater detail. But first, watch this 10 min video of how the Ultra Bond Professional Windshield Crack Repair works.

Case Study: Long Crack In Windshield Holds Up After Roll Over Crash

We’ve repeated over and over that Ultra Bond Resin and Bonding Repair process is in fact, stronger than new glass, and here is a freakish case study where a customer that had their windshield repaired by one of our professional trained technicians, Jeff Reddell of Pace Windshield Repair and Replacement.

Mary Weaver of Texas, had a severe accident where she experienced a roll over in here 2000 Chevy Blazer. It was one of those accidents where you could’ve been thrown from your vehicle, however, thanks to Ultra Bond Mary was saved in this accident. Mary had a long crack in here windshield prior to the accident, in fact it was a 12 inch crack; this is the turning point in her story.

Melody & Jeff Reddell Ultra Bond Repair Tech

Had Mary called here insurance company, Farmers Insurance, she’d been forwarded to Safelite for service and been pitched, “Cracks Longer Than a Six Dollar Bill Are Not Repairable” scheme. However, Mary instead called a local repair company, Pace Windshield Repair and Replacement, where Jeff made the 12 inch long crack repair.

Only in circumstances where the windshield is not repairable per industry guidelines would Jeff replaced the windshield; replacement is far more complicated and much more involved than the Safelite portrays to consumers.

There’s a faint line, red arrows point, still intact!

Mary Weaver, survived the crash unscathed thanks to her windshield not giving way and that had a lot to do with her windshield having the Ultra Bond Long Crack Repair. Below shows a photo of the glass where the long crack repair was done and it held up, meaning there was no repair failure and the windshield did not give way. In fact, the rest of the glass surrounding the windshield was destroyed but not where the repair was made. This is proof , same as in the lab tests that our professional windshield crack repair resins and methods are indeed Stronger Than New Windshield.

ANSI Tested, Stronger Than New Windshield

This shows that Ultra Bond windshield repairs are Real World Tested and that the repair actually restores structural integrity. What’s important about our real world tested resin is that it saves the OE Installation, so if a car accident happens, occupants in the vehicle are saved from death and from being permanently disabled from the accident.

According to the ANSI-SAE Z26.1 Impact and Penetration Test, Ultra Bond Long Crack Repairs remained intact 33 out of 33 impacts during their conducted stress and impact tests. Also in another test ASTM Flexural Strength Tests found Ultra Bond Long Crack Repairs to be stronger than new glass and that the resins lost no strength or gained strength after exposure in the real world.

Fix Chip Break With One Drop Of Resin, Lowest Cost Per Repair

In the video below, watch the President and Founder, Richard Campfield, execute a basic and most common stone chip with the Crack Master Took Kit and only use one or two drops of resin to fix this chip. Ultra Bond gives you the most gross profit per repair and that’s best in the industry!

Although in this video, Richard, uses about two drops, towards the end you will see that there is a second drop still in the inject that is used to pit-fill what is left of the resin in the impact point of the stone chip. This is an impressive feat that gives you the maximum margin on your repairs.

In order to get this maximum level of return, speed, and repair accuracy, know that, that will come from using a professional crack master kit. There is no other kit that has the combination of all tools to professionally repair and finish a windshield job.

Lab Tested

Watch Richard show how one drop of Ultra Bond resin is all you need for most chip repairs! We give you the best ROI on your investment startup than the rest; we’re simply the best.

Real World

Watch real-time as Crack Master Bar and Injector forces Ultra Bond resin into impact zone! This Crack Master Bar and injector is patent tool and repair process.


Watch the curing process in combination with the Professional Crack Master Kit Perform! The professional windshield crack repair kit comes with all you need to get the strongest bond and cleanest repair.

Supreme Court Study Finds Ultra Bond Repair Stronger Than New Glass

The class action Cullen v. State Farm was an action against State Farm alleging that a windshield repair did not and could not restore the windshield to pre-loss condition and therefore State Farm owed all consumers who got a repair the money for a new windshield. State Farm prevailed using Ultra Bond and here is what the Ohio Supreme Court Ruling stated on the merits of windshield repair:  


Fourth, expert testimony presented in this case does not provide common proof that repairs failed to return all windshields to preloss condition. Cullen proffered the opinion of Craig Carmody that “[w]indshield repair fails to restore the windshield glass to an acceptable condition in terms of appearance and functionality in all cases.” But Carmody claimed to have examined only 17 to 22 repaired windshields, and it does not appear that his theories on glass repair have been thoroughly tested, peer-reviewed, evaluated for rate of error (including sampling error), or generally accepted in the scientific community. See generally Terry v. Caputo, 115 Ohio St.3d 351, 2007-Ohio-5023, 875 N.E.2d 72, ΒΆ 24-25, citing Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (1993), 509 U.S. 579, 113 S.Ct. 2786, 125 L.Ed.2d 469. However, even if the trial court found Carmody qualified as an expert witness and his theories scientifically reliable, his opinion that a repair fails to restore the windshield to preloss condition does not establish that common questions predominate. >>> Click Here To Read More <<<

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